FlowTribe introduces FlowQuest | Byron Bay
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Flowstate was founded in 2014 to help leaders & organizations exist in states of flow.  

We help organizations become more conscious, and guide founders on learning journeys from which higher purpose emerges.

Over the past 4 years we have partnered with founders to accelerate their self-mastery and the expansion of their companies - with stellar results.

By helping leaders navigate their minds, cultivate energy and re-wire belief systems, we help business founders become the change-makers of our times. 

This Flow Quest retreat is a rare opportunity to experience the integration of consciousness (being) and business strategy (doing).

If you're a business leader interested in this new paradigm of business apply now for this intimate gathering of explorer-entrepreneurs.  

Advait Shinde flowstate

"I have unbelievable levels of clarity, energy and purpose. It's so powerful to realise that my beliefs, values and sense of purpose are what will ultimately create the highest manifestation of this company. "

- Advait Shinde, CEO of GoGuardian.com (coder at heart) | Maui 2016 & California 2018 FlowQuest


Our base is a luxury home in the Byron Bay hinterland. We will venture out to explore forests and ocean, and return to get stuck into work-shops and fire-side conversation.

Everyday you'll be guided into a movement, breathwork and meditation practice. We teach you proven techniques to drop into stillness and shift into creative/ visionary states.

Every evening we gather to eat, talk and connect around the fire. This is a time for story-telling, sharing our challenges & asking for support on the journey.

"The most exciting breakthroughs of the 21st century will not occur because of technology but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human."

- John Naisbitt, Futurist & author


jiro taylor flowstate

Jiro Taylor catalyses and supports inner-transformation in individuals and organisations.  

As the founder of Flowstate, he serves as a mentor to future-focused CEOs and tech founders and as a strategic advisor to tech companies that are creating a new reality for people and planet.  

Jiro’s work centres around flow consciousness and flow culture. “Flow consciousness” refers to a level of awareness that emerges from a expanded sense of self and inter-connection with all life.  

“Flow culture” is a way of re-imagining companies as organisms that proliferate “flow consciousness” to naturally and profitably contribute to people and planet. 

Trent Banyan flowstate

Trent Banyan is an acupuncture and Chinese Medicine practitioner... and a master of flow.

Trent has a deep commitment to exploring his inner truths, and sharing with others what he learns, most recently in the addiction, mental health and Rites of Passage domains.

Trent is involved in various aspects of self-transformation work and has years of experience in facilitating transformational workshops and retreats. 

Trent's area of mastery is in cultivating and expressing chi (energy), and he'll be teaching practices that transform tiredness, anxiety or stress into higher states of being.

adam purvis

"Jiro is a force of nature working at the edges of the emerging future, helping others contribute their highest gifts to the world.  

If personal mastery is what you seek, work with him and go on a FlowQuest"  

— Adam Purvis, Director FutureX


  • Stillness, being & nature immersion  
  • Flow state science & practices  
  • Wim Hof Breathing... & beyond 
  • Fire-side dialogue & story-telling
  • Altered State Exploration
  • Yoga & esoteric acupuncture  
  • Culture change dialogue
  • Workshops on values & purpose refinement 
  • Zero-point thinking & expanding our visions


  • A tool-set of meditation, breath & flow practices for life
  • New friendships & access to the Flowstate network
  • A clear vision for you and your business
  • A deep understanding of how to increase your impact in the world
  • Revitalisation & peace of mind


  • DATE: Sept 14-17 (3 nights/ 4 days) 
  • LOCATION: Byron Bay hinterland
  • PEOPLE: 6 guests & 2 facilitators
  • COST:  

Premium package of retreat + private coaching (before or after) - AU$1,900 | Retreat only AU$1,500 

*Price is all inclusive minus flights & transport to our base



Flowstate is a network of pioneering technology entrepreneurs, investors, change-catalyts and future-thinking tech businesses. 

Our mission is to help founders build companies with "flow culture" that are optimised for growth, learning, innovation and naturally contribute to the greater good.

We are part of a global tribe of change agents who know that business can and must catalyze the flourishing of purpose and potential.  

We collaborate on projects that help leaders re-imagine the future and guide organizations to become hives of creativity, expression and purpose.

Every year we run 3 Flow Quests for pioneering founders curious about the inner dimension of performance.

These retreats provide the invaluable time and space for founders to drop out of stress and into flow. From here, and here alone can our highest visions emerge.

Flowstate X is our flagship coaching program for Tech Founders who want the leadership support and community to thrive in highly pressurised roles.